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    57 Hilton Street, Manchester
    Client: Adam Geoffrey Management
    Area: 5,300sqft
    Value: £150,000

    Conversion of a retail unit in a Grade II listed city centre office building into a restaurant and bar.

    "The management of Lammars have torn up the mantra of location, location, location and left the pieces scattered in the gutter. If you don't live or work above the attractive looking venue, then you might need GPS to find it. But...(t)o enjoy getting somewhere, you have to do the legwork. Finding Lammars is part of the fun. En route...you get huge Edwardian warehouses crowding over preposterously narrow streets; you get iron kerbstones, fire escapes, glass walls and burnished tile. This is Manchester's contribution to urban landscape summed up - rugged and tough [...], utility rather than fancy. You couldn't be anywhere else. Lammars occupies half the ground floor of one of these mighty warehouses in a becoming, even beguiling manner. Among the raw brick and timber you get panels of wallpaper, flowers, mirrors and sofas. There's a foxiness about the place that's hard not to like, as though the macho industrial building has finally found its feminine side. [..] The name Lammars is a reference to the late drag artist Foo Foo La Marr, whose club and its associated sauciness lay a few steps down the alley."

    Johnathan Schofield, ManchesterOnline