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    Whitehill Industrial Estate, Stockport
    Client: F Bamford Engineering Ltd
    Area: 2065 sq m
    Value: £1.5m
    Year: 2016 - ongoing

    Design and construction of 2 new industrial units following demolition of an existing workshop and a store attached to Ajax Works, an existing factory in Stockport.

    Planning permission was granted in November 2016 and work is due to commence on site in June 2017.

    The two units will be capable of subdivision into smaller units and will accommodate a range of light industrial uses.

    The industrial units have been designed to be simple, flexible and functional being built from robust materials including brick and profiled steel sheeting. The intention is to provide attractive buildings that will appeal to a wide range of potential businesses.

    Photovoltaic Solar Panels mounted on the west facing roof are to be included in the scheme.