• how we work

    how we work


    We'll look after you.
    Building is a complicated business, and sometimes you'll be faced with important decisions. Happily, you'll always be able to come to the office and talk to us.

    We'll look after the rest of the world, too
    It's about more than windmills and solar panels. A building that's going to make a positive contribution to the world for years to come has to be well designed throughout, and we have the knowledge to make sure it does what it's supposed to in a way that doesn't harm the planet.

    Words and pictures
    It's no good having a building designed if you've no idea what you'll get at the end. We'll make sure that you know what our drawings mean, and we'll show you sketches and models so that you can see exactly what we're proposing.

    We listen
    If you've got some strong ideas of your own, don't worry about saying so. We'll always listen carefully to what you've got to say. If you want us to do all the thinking for you, we'd be only too happy to, but we'll make sure we know exactly what you want from your project first. Have a look at the links to the RIBA publications below. The plan of work template shows you how we organise projects and the two other publications explain how we can work with you on your development or your home. We have also included a link to an HSE leaflet which gives guidance on your duties under the


    we follow professional guidelines, click on the links below to find out more

    riba plan of work template (2013)

    riba working with an architect for your development

    riba working with an architect for your home